Corporate Responsibility

Together with staff and suppliers, we do our utmost to treat the natural sources responsibly. Increasingly often we buy certified durable prawns, ensuring a better guarantee of social conditions and animal welfare.

Together with our suppliers, at Klaas Puul we have set up various procedures to achieve sustainable prawn fishing. This tackles issues such as by-catch, overfishing and seabed disturbance. One example is the practice of immediately returning by-catch to the sea.

We also attempt to work as sustainably as possible during the processing and distribution of our products. Klaas Puul has low-energy (freezer) units, for example. With the use of finer films and lighter types of cardboard, we have already achieved a reduction of 20% in the consumption of packaging material, too.

In addition to fish waste, the plastic waste and cardboard waste are collected separately and taken for recycling. We separate 95% of the cardboard waste and 60% of the plastic commercial packaging waste.

More information on sustainable initiatives