The fishmongers from PUUL’S introduce:

Puul's Shrimps of the World

There's a unique story behind every shrimp
Each species of shrimp comes from another part of the world and has grown under unique circumstances. The temperature of the water, the tidal currents and the nutrients it absorbs give each shrimp a unique taste and texture. With Shrimps of the World, the fishmongers of Puul’s explain how the different varieties taste, how they should be prepared and in which dish this specific species of shrimp can be used to its best advantage.
PUUL's Shrimps of the WorldArgentina 100g | 500g
PUUL's Shrimps of the WorldHonduras 100g | 500g
PUUL's Shrimps of the WorldNorth Sea 100g | 500g
PUUL's Shrimps of the WorldGuatemala 100g | 500g