Prawns and shrimps are most delicious when eaten as fresh as possible. To ensure their freshness, catching, processing and distribution must fulfil the highest quality requirements. Moreover, this is a delicate food. Food safety is therefore crucial. Klaas Puul makes every effort the to supply products of as high a quality as possible. Our sophisticated quality care system enables us to manage all risks. Klaas Puul is the only company that manages the entire quality process from A to Z. In other words, from the moment the prawns are taken from the sea to the moment they are lying ready in the shop.

Food safety

Klaas Puul employs various processes to comply with food safety requirements: Quality Care System, Inspection, Hygiene, Cooling, Preservation and Packaging.
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Klaas Puul supports various international initiatives for sustainably caught, farmed and processed prawns. The best known are:
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A certificate is a declaration from an authority with regard to operational processes, food safety and durability. Our operational processes and care system are regularly audited by Lloyd’s Register. Moreover, our products and processes are tested against strict international standards, such as BRC and IFS.
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Our Volendam production location has a well-equipped laboratory where, each day, samples are microbiologically, physically and chemically analysed and tested against the food safety requirements. In our laboratory we are also continuously working on product development and investigating new processing techniques.
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Corporate Responsibility

Together with staff and suppliers, we do our utmost to treat the natural sources responsibly. Increasingly often we buy certified durable prawns, ensuring a better guarantee of social conditions and animal welfare.
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