The fishmongers from PUUL’S introduce:

Puul's Fresh.Frozen

You won’t get it any purer than this!

The fishmongers of Puul’s select the highest-quality shrimp for you.

After they are caught, some shrimp are immediately peeled, blanched and frozen. Very convenient if you want to put them in a salad or a pasta dish!

Others are frozen immediately after peeling and must be briefly blanched or fried after defrosting. They are a perfect foundation for the tastiest dishes!

Everything straight from the sea into your pan: the shrimp in its purest form, without any added preservatives or artificial flavourings or colourings. What you see is what you get!

PUUL's Fresh•FrozenCocktail Prawns 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenChili Prawns 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenWok Prawns 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenKing Prawns 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenMussel Meat 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenSeafood Cocktail 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenPink Shrimp 250g
PUUL's Fresh•FrozenGarlic Prawns 250g