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For decades already, Klaas Puul BV has been one of the leading producers of fresh fish products in Europe. From the catch to delivery to the customer, Klaas Puul manages the entire production and processing procedure. Thanks to our high-quality production system and authentic craftsmanship, we offer the very highest quality in seafood, crayfish and natural prawns and shrimps. If you would like to include Klaas Puul quality products in your range, then please feel free to contact us.


Under various white labels, Klaas Puul supplies almost all large retail organisations in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and a number of other countries. In addition to an extensive range of prawns and shrimps, we also supply other types of (deep frozen) fish. Our products are caught and farmed all over the world. Klaas Puul buys only the best quality prawns and fish. These are selected under the strict surveillance of local agents and under the supervision of our own purchasing and quality service.

North Sea Shrimps

As the name suggests, North Sea shrimps are caught close to home. Their salty, slightly sweet flavour makes them the tastiest shrimps. In the Netherlands, this delicacy is known as…

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In the summer months from June to August, these crayfish are caught in lakes and rivers in China, using traps. The crayfish are delivered daily, live, to the processor, where they are cooked and…

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Vannamei Prawns

Vannamei prawns are tropical prawns that are farmed in areas near the equator, generally along the coast in artificial ponds. This farming is increasingly being certified as sustainable in accordance…

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Fruits de Mer

A variety of delicious seafoods. This ready-made mix provides the basis for a wonderful salad and is perfect for rice dishes such as paella. Clients can order a customised seafood selection…

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Black Tiger Prawns

The Black Tiger Prawns Klaas Puul supplies are farmed in Asia, in ponds laid out along the coast. This giant prawn can grow up to a length of 30 centimetres. We supply various types of…

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Pink Prawns

These are the familiar pink prawns. Various species of the Penaeidae family are used. They are fished in the coastal areas of South America and Asia. These smaller prawns are peeled and frozen…

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Organic Prawns

Organic prawns are organically farmed and produced. This means the prawns are only given organically-grown food and no suspicious chemicals are used during the farming or preparation…

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Cold Water Prawns

Delicious prawns caught in the cold, northern waters, which are processed on board the ship immediately after the catch…

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Mussels are shellfish that live in coastal areas and feed on plankton. Klaas Puul supplies cooked mussels in various varieties…

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This imitation crab presents various possibilities for uses, such as salads and snacks. The basic raw material for surimi is white fish such as threadfin bream and pollock…

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Argentinian prawns

These red prawns come from fisheries managed strictly by the Argentinian government. They have a variable fishing season, with limitations in the number of vessels according to the situation in each…

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Prawns and shrimps are most delicious when eaten as fresh as possible. To ensure their freshness, catching, processing and distribution must fulfil the highest quality requirements. Moreover, this is a delicate food. Food safety is therefore crucial. Klaas Puul makes every effort the to supply products of as high a quality as possible. Our sophisticated quality care system enables us to manage all risks. Klaas Puul is the only company that manages the entire quality process from A to Z. In other words, from the moment the prawns are taken from the sea to the moment they are lying ready in the shop.

Food safety

Klaas Puul employs various processes to comply with food safety requirements: Quality Care System, Inspection, Hygiene, Cooling, Preservation and Packaging. Read more


Klaas Puul supports various international initiatives for sustainably caught, farmed and processed prawns. The best known are: Read more


A certificate is a declaration from an authority with regard to operational processes, food safety and durability. Our operational processes and care system are regularly audited by Lloyd’s Register. Moreover, our products and processes are tested against strict international standards, such as IFS. Read more


Our Edam production location has a well-equipped laboratory where, each day, samples are microbiologically, physically and chemically analysed and tested against the food safety requirements. In our laboratory we are also continuously working on product development and investigating new processing techniques. Read more

Corporate Responsibility

Together with staff and suppliers, we do our utmost to treat the natural sources responsibly. Increasingly often we buy certified durable prawns, ensuring a better guarantee of social conditions and animal welfare. Read more


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    Puuls Shrimps

    “There's a unique story behind every shrimp”

    Each species of shrimp comes from another part of the world and has grown under unique circumstances. The temperature of the water, the tidal currents and the nutrients it absorbs give each shrimp a unique taste and texture. With Shrimps of the World, the fishmongers of Puul’s explain how the different varieties taste, how they should be prepared and in which dish this specific species of shrimp can be used to its best advantage.

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